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sorry but if it's not Cat or even american made i am not interested

cat 941B, D3b, D2 4U, D4 7U
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Eleven units of Sany’s machines have participated in the project of impounding reservoir construction, including nine units of excavators, two units of graders and two units of trailer pumps. In such an extremely dry country, this project is a national strategy of Qatar for water reservation.


Sany’s excavators win favor from all operators from different countries, since they not only look elegant but also perform well. These excavators on the working site have different responsibilities, such as excavating, loading or smashing. The operators speak highly of Sany’s excavators, since they are powerful, efficient and durable. Even though the local temperature of Qatar is always around 30-50 degree centigrade, these excavators resist the high temperature and perform steadily. Besides the excavator itself, the meticulous after-sales personnel also add the attraction of the excavators.


One Indian operator is excited about the excavator equipped with quartering hammer. He says Sany’s products are common in India, but the excavator equipped with quartering hammer is fancy for him. Adopting the hydraulic pressure with nitrogen, the quartering hammer’s strength is quite strong. Even if the working condition in Qatar is stony, hot and dry, the quartering hammer is all-conquering. Unlike other quartering hammers which are easily broken, the life span of Sany’s machine is quite long. The high quality material, precise processing technique and thermal treatment for the surface of cylinder and piston not only lengthen the life span of the quartering hammer, but also the life span of the whole excavator.

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