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Nice project!

I'll be looking forward to more posts.

I've got the same exact problems to overcome that you've already finished on a similar tractor.


Is it a 6 or 12 volt?

D4 5T

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thats quite a complete machine and a great find in a scrap yard!  I myself prefer antifreeze to draining as it eliminates rusting and is more of a guarantee against freezing from little pockets of water that didn't drain

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Hello all!  This is my first post on the ACME.


Work continues on the old 1946 D4 5T dozer.  The radiator has been cleaned out, The pony motor runs now after a bit of refurbishment on the magneto.

The injector rack is unstuck now and the diesel runs relatively well,  I had to fabricate the gasket between the diesel and the pony motor and after several

attempts, it no longer leaks water.  The screen in the hydraulic tank was ripped so spent a lot of time soldering it back together.  The machine drives back and

forth now so hoping to move it to my new shed before winter gets too severe.  I have some work to do on the hydraulic system and then on to the steering

clutches and brakes.  Hopefully it will be a usable machine by spring.  It's getting below freezing so drained the water for now.  My next move is to load the

machine on a trailer and move it to its new home several miles from where it presently sits.


Hopefully I can include a photo of the D4 in as found condition at the scrap yard no less!

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