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Wanted, old road roller.

created by RCRVRP 24.08.2016 14:41 • last reply by RCRVRP 24.08.2016 14:41I am looking for an old road roller for display. The older the better, pre 60's at least.  Any condition. Prefer in th...
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D2 ring gear

created by Sylvester 18.10.2015 15:49 • last reply by Sylvester 05.03.2016 09:08I have a 3j here that needs a ring gear for the flywheel. Anybody have one Thanks
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Cletrac DDH bearings needed

created by Donkeyhead 22.12.2013 16:11 • last reply by Donkeyhead 30.12.2013 20:22Does anyone know of a source for 20 thou undersize big end bearings for a Cletrac DDH with the Hercules DRXB engine, I got as...
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Engine Dyno

created by Macca 22.08.2013 04:38 • last reply by Macca 24.08.2013 18:17Hello All,   Am looking for a good Engine Dyno up to 1000hp, any one have one in oz, or know of good quality in...
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Wanted, D6 8U rear ripper ram

created by Donkeyhead 21.06.2013 03:56 • last reply by Donkeyhead 21.06.2013 03:56I had a nice old fella call by today who has done a nice restoration on a old cable blade D6 8U but he needs to find a low pr...
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D4 floor plate

created by dpendzic 10.06.2013 19:10 • last reply by Donkeyhead 13.06.2013 15:09Looking for a left floor plate for a D4 7U--1955 power washed it out today and with all the sticks, rocks and leaves f...
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D4 clutch shaft coupling, and RD6 bits WTB

created by Donkeyhead 06.04.2013 03:30 • last reply by Donkeyhead 06.04.2013 03:30Does anyone have a spare D4 main clutch shaft coupling, or even just the half without the keyway, Part Number is 2B9769 on bo...
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Volume oil pump needed

created by Donkeyhead 02.04.2013 17:56 • last reply by Donkeyhead 02.04.2013 17:56There's a very nice guy up in Brisbane looking for a volume oil pump for lubing track rollers and front idlers, preferably on...
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cat R5 fuel pump

created by emw 04.02.2013 13:33 • last reply by emw 04.02.2013 13:33i am looking for a fuel pump for a R5 cat.  I think they are the same as a gas 35, gas 40.
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My annual request looking 4 ag toolbar stuff. Pics

created by agmike 25.01.2013 09:09 • last reply by agmike 01.02.2013 09:42parts or whole draft beam brackets pictured. also looking 4 cat disk ridger also known as levee plow as pictured. thanks for ...
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