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D4 5T REfurb

created by Burt 31.10.2017 07:05 • last reply by pacapo 22.11.2017 02:04Hello all!  This is my first post on the ACME.   Work continues on the old 1946 D4 5T dozer.  The radiator has ...
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Aussie Built D4-29A

created by ianoz 11.03.2015 10:03 • last reply by ianoz 17.03.2015 04:52Great little tractor .  
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Lookey what the catman drug in

created by bgoathill 14.06.2014 20:00 • last reply by dpendzic 15.06.2014 18:31It's not antique, but as long as it makes m...
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Echuca weekend

created by bruceoz 06.06.2014 02:29 • last reply by rmyram 09.06.2014 23:50hello ,Mike Meyer and Eddie Bedwell have spent some time replacing the tracks and rollers on the RD6 for the steam rally in E...
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Another one to fit in the shed

created by wimmerafarmer 13.05.2014 07:16 • last reply by wimmerafarmer 26.05.2014 07:07Bit off a story to this one. First Cat on our farm was D2 3J somewhere around 1957 replaced by a D25U around 1960. I w...
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22 fuel pump bowls

created by Donkeyhead 26.03.2014 14:50 • last reply by bruceoz 13.04.2014 06:49Does anyone know the source for the glass fuel bowls to suit the 22 fuel pump, my Parts book says P/N 1522301. thanks
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D2 pushing snow

created by timbo1946 03.03.2014 06:36 • last reply by Donkeyhead 04.03.2014 15:07Well the weather in the north east has been cold a...
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Cat Graveyard

created by dpendzic 28.07.2013 12:18 • last reply by alan627b 21.02.2014 02:39
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Fraser Island Diesel Thirty Five

created by Donkeyhead 02.02.2014 18:51 • last reply by Donkeyhead 10.02.2014 15:49We attended a mates wedding on the weekend at Noosa up in tropical Queensland and while we were there did a tour over to Fras...
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D47U pony engine-blows oil out dipstick, eng grt

created by rocko592013 23.01.2014 14:03 • last reply by ianoz 27.01.2014 20:57Hello   Just signed up. Rocko59 here from RPM Forum  I'm working on this unit and the pony engine was rebuilt and runs great....
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