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A Christmas wish

created by Kansas_Cat 25.12.2012 16:30 • last reply by rmyram 17.01.2013 01:52What would really be neat is if here during the christmas vacation season everyone would make a post here either introducing ...
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forum repairs and upgrades.

created by Kansas_Cat 16.11.2012 10:41 • last reply by ianoz 24.11.2012 07:24Sorry everyone about last nights work turning into a bigger issue then planned or expected. As some have noticed there are st...
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created by Kansas_Cat 11.11.2012 17:35 • last reply by Buddy 18.03.2014 11:04Welcome everyone. Let the games begin.  LOL Lets make this a place we all can enjoy old freindships and make new ones while s...
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created by ianoz 13.04.2019 18:21 • last reply by dpendzic 06.04.2020 20:37Test post anyone still visit ?
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created by ianoz 04.08.2016 21:19 • last reply by dpendzic 06.08.2016 07:59OK as moderator , i can delete this guys posts . who wants them gone . or who thinks they should stay ?
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Pull starting a steam engine ??

created by jbernd 04.06.2016 22:31 • last reply by jbernd 05.06.2016 22:37attended the Tractor daze today at Ag hall of Fame in Bonner Springs KS.  HCEA Heartland chapter had a nice static display th...
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Raglan rally 2016

created by ianoz 05.06.2016 00:07 • last reply by ianoz 05.06.2016 00:18Local show for us , Combines Trucks , tractors stationary engines and Aircraft . A something for everyone type show .
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Belated Happy Birthday John .

created by ianoz 11.04.2016 06:27 • last reply by Carroll 09.05.2016 21:18Happy Birthday Jbernd . I am hopeing All members coming online can wish you a happy birthday for the 4th of April .
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Happy Easter

created by ianoz 25.03.2016 21:01 • last reply by ianoz 31.03.2016 08:25Happy easter all .
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Happy Happy!

created by B4D2 04.07.2015 10:26 • last reply by dpendzic 14.03.2016 15:55Happy Birthday Steve.  I hope all is well.  Also, Happy 4th of July all.  Enjoy!
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