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1963 Ford F800

created by pacapo 18.12.2015 01:18 • last reply by pacapo 25.10.2017 23:47Here's a new addition to the Forum.   It is a 1963 Ford F800 with a Bucyrus Erie H3 Hydrocrane.  
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New Old truck

created by ianoz 06.01.2015 20:21 • last reply by dpendzic 07.01.2015 15:31Don't know if it will get restored .Dragged this home .A Commer Knocker .3 Cylinder  motor , with 6 pistons .Sounds like a GM...
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repairing spillway on pond

created by jbernd 26.07.2014 22:30 • last reply by B4D2 03.08.2014 10:06Have been helping KS Cat for a couple of weekends on a pond.  He decided to go on the annual Colorado vacation, and left me t...
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2013 Biloela Old wheels in motion Rally

created by ianoz 21.07.2013 11:27 • last reply by ianoz 20.07.2014 05:02I will hopefully get back to fix this . Copy and paste is NOT working
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created by stuss 29.11.2012 07:20 • last reply by Kansas_Cat 29.11.2012 09:15Looking for the small window ,rubber ,hinge and latch for drivers door on a loadstar truck we are restoring any help w...
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getting closer every day

created by DozinDillon 12.11.2012 22:27 • last reply by Bigequip 27.11.2012 02:43Me and Kansas Cat are getting closer every day on the 1954 M-37 dodge rebuild that we found at a auction that had a different...
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Neat ole R190 IHC

created by Kansas_Cat 23.11.2012 21:36 • last reply by Kansas_Cat 23.11.2012 21:36Found this one while dillon and I  was out dirt bike riding the other day. Pfretty slick ole IHC R190. Is a shame it now resi...
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M38 old Army trucks are fun.

created by Sylvester 23.11.2012 15:42 • last reply by Kansas_Cat 23.11.2012 21:07Did this one for a customer. Arrived in pieces and left under its own power. Lots of parts for M38 available just bring money...
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My Old Trucks

created by dpendzic 23.11.2012 19:34 • last reply by Kansas_Cat 23.11.2012 20:24This is my mountain fleet of old rusted rags that I have. The 65 F500 is my main workhorse and haul stumps up to the dump are...
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Trucking D8 with Big Red

created by MikeMc 12.11.2012 22:15 • last reply by MikeMc 12.11.2012 23:46Figured this would be a great time to try and post a picture.
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